The night was dark as Eve
crept along the deserted street. She was careful not to make any noise; hiding from the night so not to be seen. The street was littered with cars left to rust. Tonight was the night to meet. A plan was going to be made to hopefully escape this nightmare. Everyone attending had to be careful, for THEY could see everything. Eve knew this, and kept her breathe steady and her mind clear as she moved closer to the dilapidated house.

She could remember the house as it was before…before she awoke. It was the bluest house on the street.
Light blue wood siding with darker blues around the edges of the home. She remembered the beautiful bushes and flowers that surrounded the home and the walkway; all the greens, and yellows and reds. That’s how others still saw the house. She sometimes wished she still saw this.

The home was dark now. Everything was dark. No longer blue but gray from years of nothing. The bushes were barely enough to hide her. This was the time when THEY filled minds with illusions so those who never awoke, would continue to live lives as THEY thought it should be.

Hopefully, with luck, everyone was on the same time frame. She stood still for a moment wishing for the warmth of light. You could hide in the light. Suddenly, the door opened and a head appeared. “Now!”, came a whispered voice. Eve moved as quickly, and silently, as possible through the door and into the house. After the door closed, the lights were then turned back on. Not too bright as THEY would see them. Eve could see the windows had been covered with heavy black material. Ther
e was no looking in…or out.

“We’re not all here” someone said. “We have to do this anyway” said another. “We must keep to the schedule”. “What if THEY find us?” Eve whispered. There was silence…Everyone knew the answer. “Will we return?” She spoke again…”I don’t know” her friend said so faint she barely heard him.

A shout came from the corner of the house. “THEY know”…Everyone scattered. Eve ran out the front door crossing the street. She could hear screaming and crying as THEY found each person. She had to hide. She ran between two cars. THEY were near. Her heart began to pound. THEY began to move away. Eve opened the door to find her friend. They had found him. His body lay lifeless on the backseat. The bodies would be cleaned up with the sweeper in the morning. The worker would only see the dirt…and the leaves from trees that had long since been dead.

Eve slipped into the car covering herself with her friend’s body. If she could hide this way until THEY left, she could go back and pretend until others awoke. The body had to completely cover her for if it did not, THEY would see. Oh no she said to herself, here THEY come…Oh please…please… let them not see me. Please…She tried to calm her heart beat as THEY opened the car door….Please….Please

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