The Strangers

To set this one up, you must understand that the dream was as real as the physical world. So real, I could feel it happening to me. It was also quick; a fast action event that only lasted seconds. The whole illusion went something like this…

What a great idea to have the blow-up mattress in the living room! I could share it with the new dog we had just brought home. The only thing is that Ted keeps coming in to check on us and cover us with blankets. In fact, there he is again. Moving past us quickly.

Wait. That person moved far to fast and is way too short to be Ted. As I sat up, I notice the bed has moved into the center of the room. This is not where we started the evening! I looked around the corner toward the two offices, there was the little person staring at me. A second one was standing behind him.

“Hey ” I shouted at him. “You are not supposed to be here. Get out now.” The two looked at me and the one said, “You can see me?” Just then, the two started placing masks over their already strange faces. The one in back had a mask like the Scream movie. The one in front had a plain white mask he pulled over his head.

They began to advance toward me very quickly. The one in front saying that I should tell no one of this. He began to scratch at my feet with his long nails. They were in my face now, shouting, “Tell no one of this. Tell no one of this.”

I reached back into the chair and grabbed the gun. The hammerless now had a hammer to pull back. I pulled the hammer and shouted for the two to leave or I would fire. They continued. I fired. Nothing.

I pulled the hammer back again and fired. Nothing. Once more I did this. There was no sound from the gun; however, I saw a small bubble appeared at the end of the barrel. The two stopped screaming at me and looked at one another.

Just then, the one shouted, “She has the metal. Get out. She has the metal.” They ran to the back door and tried to open the slider. “That’s right; it’s locked”, I said. “Now what are you going to do?”

I began to scream for Ted. “Ted, Ted, Ted” I called. The two were afraid and ran past me toward the front door. I told them, “You’re in trouble now.” As they passed by me to run to the front door, I awoke; still frightened that someone was in the house.

I climbed out of the bed and headed toward the master bedroom to sleep in my own bed with Ted; leaving the dog to sleep by himself.


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