Dream Theme

It seems the dreams never stop. They continue to come each night.I try to work them out and make them a tale for the show; however, there’s always some small thing that just doesn’t sound right; or something I’d rather not “make public”. What I did discover while writing were themes that happen in the dreams. Tonight, I’ll focus on one of these.


There is always a vehicle of some kind in my dreams. These are usually cars. I have been known to travel on skates, or bicycles; even a wheelchair has shown up.

Some of the more memorable vehicle dreams involved “others”. I remember one dream where the people realized I could understand them. They seemed shocked to know this. One asked to give me a ride home. I can remember his car as an older muscle machine. It was later than the fifties; earlier than the eighties. Some mix between a Bel Air and a Mustang. The driver of this car was surprised that I could understand him speaking to me!

Another time, I traveled down a street where small shelters made of wood and cardboard were set up on the side of the road. Cars and bikes were traveling freely amongst the people walking. I came to a small space with a beach chair and glass. The woman seated in the next space said, “Sit still and they’ll come give you a ride home. It’s sure nice of them to give us a ride home. Don’t you think?”

Another time, I was in a wheelchair. Everyone was trying to make it across a bridge within a certain time-frame. I grabbed the back of a car to move quicker and exert less energy. The next thing I realized was I had missed an important turn and was floating far above the crowd.

Usually when things like this happen in the dream, I can maneuver a nice turn and guide myself back to the road. This time, I was too far away. There was no trick to get me back. I realized it was my time to go. I was OK with this and closed my eyes to meet my destiny and started to feel my descent.

Images started to appear before me in blurred bits. I saw the sky and the clouds; yet, there were sparkling glimpses of something else. The sky and clouds would become less and the other image would clear. I realized that I was in my bedroom and was looking at the mirrored closet doors. It was all still quite fuzzy and strange. I then noticed two arms gliding down my body, laying me down in my bed. Softly the hand slid down my lowered body to place me in the position as I had been when I fell asleep. I tried to look up to see a face but could not for I completely awoke. As much as I did not want it to happen, the room came into complete view.

These vehicles seem to be the way of travel for me. How do you move about in your dreams? I’d love to hear your stories. Well…Thanks for listening.

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